Is there spatial interpolation for keyframes in Blender?


I’ve been using Adobe After Effects as my animation tool before, but now I’m migrating to Blender. In AE it is possible to change a parameter called “spatial interpolation” for key frames. Basically you can make the animation between two key frames happen in a curved shape with this option. Is there something similar in Blender? What would be a good way to animate the camera in a curvy path (I’m doing an object fly-around)?

Im not sure about the first part of your question but the second part is easy. shift + a key click add bezier curve . r click camera ,shift r click curve. control + p key . Follow path up top next to help click icon ( i dont know what that is ) click animation and move the green bar to see it work. in edit mode slecte part of the curve and with e key extrude it , to make it what you wish

as for the first part I don’t know the big words but ya you can do it. You can find good tutorials on that or key frames at .