Is there such a thing as too small of a scale for mantaflow/flip fluids? Particles too big!

Edit: Here’s a better comparison. My inflow is about 2.5 inches long. Each individual particle seems to be over half an inch big. It should be able to go smaller, yes?

Hi. I’ve recently moved into blender from Daz and am noticing that the scale of my environments/characters are rather small when compared to the Blender starter cube. This normally isn’t a problem until I’ve started dabbling in Mantaflow/Flip Fluids.

That is the starter cube to give an idea of the scale in relation to the fluid sim I’m working on. I can’t make the particles any smaller than this or else nothing displays at all. Am I simply working in too small of a scale?


No. Under particles tab, into Viewport Display panel, you should be able to define a size for particles that is 0.01 inch.

Clicking on arrow will jump value to zero.
So, instead just click on middle of numerical field to be able to type a precised value.

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Thank you! Just to be clear, this only affects the size that particles are displayed? The original giant sized particles I saw were also not an indicator of the size of the actual liquid simulation? I’m trying to create thin liquid like tears running down someone’s face.

Yes. Particle size for physics is Particle radius which is a factor, not a measure in inch.
Size to take into consideration is size of domain. That is the one that rules the rest.

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Thank you. I thought particle radius wasn’t working because they remained the same in the viewport. You’ve now demonstrated to me that that viewport particle size and Particle radius are two separate things!