Is there such thing as anchors?

I’m making a trebuchet and trying to animate it. Basically, is there a way to anchor an object at it’s centre (the arm), and parent it to an object at one end (the weight), then move the weight and have the arm follow rotationally and along only one axis? In other words, instead of moving both objects as glued together, have it move like an axle through the end of a stick.
Hope that’s understandable :eek:

I had to look up what a trebuchet was :slight_smile:
Found an article on wikipedia
I’m still not clear on how it works, or what you’re trying to setup, but it looks to me like a simple two bone armature ? :confused:
Or maybe you just want an IK chain ?


Mobe your Object Center of the Arm(s) to the point of rotation (Center Cursor in F9) which will be the axle on the frame, if I understand you.