Is there system to system variation?

I was messing with specular and color ramps on my desktop, but when I loaded the file on my laptop the material’s specular rendered as black noise, and the color ramps rendered as white with the max intensity. I can provide screenshots if you guys need, but if you happen to know what I’m talking about do you know what causes this? I was using an experimental build of blender on my laptop at the time, also it isn’t nearly as powerful as my desktop machine. Can anyone tell me if this is just a problem for certain laptops with less bulky graphical adapters, or is this a blender bug?

Both are windows 8.1 machines. I’m not sure if the laptop has updated Open Gl, and amd drivers, but would that cause it? , and some recent 2.78a blender dev version. The laptops is more recent, so maybe it’s a bug? I can post specific version if you need, and screenshots.

Update: I copied the version of blender form my desktop to my laptop and the noise is gone, but the ramps are still weird.

Your problem may be connected to software bug, but in most cases it’s video card+drivers. There are unimaginable combinations of those and it is inevitable for games to behave strangely on many different machines.

are you using the drivers that the OpenGL killing Microsoft is providing ( auto update auto installed) ?
or the drivers from the nvidia or AMD web sites

Microsoft has been trying to KILL OFF OpenGL for many many years and push the Microsoft owned DirectX

not to start a paranoid parade or anything, but that makes perfect sense! i wondered why microsoft was doing all that default driver crap. i miss the old days where there was no default drivers, it was all or nothing FTW. :cool:

anyhow, back on topic. i have 3 different computers (windows 7 64bit) i use to test my games, and all work the same. i also run tight ship, all three have nvidia cards(gtx 970, gtx 560ti, optimus gt 755m), so all have the same driver versions (368.81, most stable with 2.74), and fresh installed every few months.

i know that vector curves have known to be problematic, dont remember exactly how. make sure all your uv map slots are populated properly, or not at all(in node groups).

I use AMD. I’ll try updating it.

What do you mean by “populatedproperly”? The black noise isn’t a problem now, just the color ramps not working/displaying as white.

I’ve discovered that this problem is to do with the specular on geometry-influencing textures. If you turn off the specular on the material it works, or if you disable the geometry influence on the texture it works. Again it only does this on my laptop, not my desktop.