Is theres a way to lock in auto smooth angle?

so i have a model that i set to 30 angle smooth looks perfect…
but i need to combine it with a model that has a much higher angle smooth
and therefore the original mesh looks bad

now i can manually mark sharp the edges… but my mesh is very complex… so i was wondering if there is a way to lock in that auto smooth and have blender automaticly mark the edges that are 30 angle?

You can go into edit mode and then use

select-select sharp edges (of the desired degree)

and then edge-mark sharp

You can do this for each of the meshes with a different angle and then join them.

yea thats doing it manually isnt it? selecting every edge, i cant do that y mesh is too complex it would take too much time

I’ve never used it, but I imagine SELECT SHARP EDGES selects Edges en masse.

EDIT: It does.

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