Is this a bad idea?

do you guys think its a bad idea to render and surf the internet at the same time (youtube,google ect.)?

will it cause more problems?

what do you guys think???

Depends on your computer - I find that for the low speed computer - the rendering slows down heaps when you are multi-doing things like playing card games.

I am rendering right now.

oh hahah me to im rendering my movie…its 40% done

well I don’t have internet on my computer with blender, but I always have winamp, minimum two explorers, and a variety of other programs running in the background while both working in blender and rendering with it. In fact I usually have more then one blender window open and work on another scene while one is rendering. It probably slows down the render a bit but I’ve never had a render that took to long. but that is partly because I suck… :(:wink:

but I just remembered that firefox can take a lot of ram, so yeah, just depends on your computer specs.


It really depends on your computer. I do it all the time. But YouTube usually pauses and lags though, and the internet goes about 30% to 50% slower than normal, depending on what I’m rendering. But I have been doing it for a long time, but I really don’t have much else to do other than the internet when I’m rendering!

Well, seeing how you posted this topic in a forum about News and Discussion about that news, I’d say: yes, it’s a bad idea. :ba:

I do it. But I say it does depend on the computer and what your rendering. Keep a watch on how much ram your using and other stuff.