Is this a BGE GPL workaround?

Ok guys so I know this topic has been discussed a billion times before but I saw this video and I wanted to know what you guys think about the method used here, I am not real big on the whole legality scene…

The author apparently does not understand what GPL or what open source actually means (in another video he thinks ‘free’ = not permitted to sell)

Not only it doesn’t avoid the GPL, it hiddes it (wich by itself is an incompliment of the license), so it’s even worse. If you really want a workarround look at the stiky thread.

Yeah I am aware of the method in the sticky thread, say I use the method of the sticky thread (i.e. don’t combine the actual game with the runtime but keep it separate), but use the software used in this video and change the icons and the license description of the blenderplayer(which presumably will be the license I use for my game), will it be “ok”? Cause I still do have the game separate than the runtime.

Hrmph. Changing the ‘license’ by changing the text when right-clicking on the executable does not change it’s actual license.
The thing your computer runs to ‘play’ a blend file, if it was made by the blender foundation, is covered by GPL

However, your game is not under GPL. You have the license to your blend files, and hence, your game.
Using the ‘export to game runtime’ makes the blend exported GPL because it becomes included in the blenderplayer executable. This can be avoided by creating a script that runs blenderplayer with your file. Then your file/game remains separate and is not covered by GPL.
The script can be as simple as a .bat that includes:

./blenderplayer.exe game.blend

Then you can set the icon, the license properties and whatever you like of that .bat file.

I’d reccomend reading these pages:

If you are interested in what open source means, the reason that GPL exists, and things like that, go read the book:
After the Software Wars” by Keith CurtisIt may look intimidating (a 300 page book), but I found it a very enjoyable read.


Instead of a .bat file you could use a BGECore Launcher (wich is .exe but does the same as the .bat, and then you can change the icon or whatever of that executable with resource hacker like in the video). I say so becouse .bat files are scripts, and most windows users are suspicios of this kind of files. (Actually the .exe is equally dangeous but whatever).

The GPL does not prevent branding. It requires to state it is GPL.

(This belongs to the GPL part of your game.)

edit: The whole idea of open source is that nobody else can claim it as own invention

Ok so I am the maker of that video and I would like to start by saying sorry, my idea of the GPL license changed after the making of that video. I will be making a new form of exporting blender games soon to make up for that video so I don’t have a lot of angry blender users at my door step. I do have one thing to say concerning a comment a user made and that is that it is not illegal to change parts of blender, so what I did was not illegal.
So ya there you go.

What you did was remove reference to the gpl license which was against the rules of the license. Maybe you should actually try and understand the basics behind what you are trying to show. This is bizarre in itself as watching the video you mention this was the second video you’d made on the subject since in the first one you’d also used incorrect info. You also tout your own weird license so you should be totally aware how licences work ?

We need a blender player launcher, that starts into a ‘installed games’ area,
and also a file explorer. also a bge market would be nice.

So we distribute the exe, and the games are linked to the player by the end user,
avoiding gpl entirely and also creating a marketplace,

That already exists, it’s called BGECore Launcher and nobody uses it. (except for the marketplace).

And Bpplayer, and about a dozen others in the resource forum, each different.
Myself, I just use a single blend with a start-game-from-file actuator. It is so much simpler, and no-one even notices there is a launcher.

As I said, sorry my idea has changed in the time of making the video and now, it made sense at the time. You can thank Red Frost for showing me ResourceHacker witch was how I did it. As I said in my last post I will be making a new form of exporting blender games so that I can make a GPL work around for real. Much as you might not like it Ton said on the blender site that if we can make a new exporter it dose not have to be under GPL. And I am not so bad at what I do that I cannot code, so I will be fixing this as soon as I can. I took down the video so you guys happy now or are you still going to tare me apart. Tell me if you want to help with the new exporter.

I thought the idea was to use the same blenderplayer with diferent games, only BGECore Launcher does this. I may make a BGE/UPBGE/… Marketplace just for the sake of it as a summer project (It would work prety much like BPR wants but better).

I tries using BGE core launcher multiple times in the past but just ended up using sdgeoff’s method.

A series of tutorial videos and documentation would make it so much more easier, or do they already exist in the depths of the internet somewhere?

Well since BGECore Launcher is part of the BGECore Framework the documentation is also within the documentation of the framework. I was pertty sure that I wrote somewhere how to use it outside BGECore Framework… but it seems I didn’t!

Edit: Ahh, I think I wrote it in a mail, how bad.

On BGECore general documentation (a little outdated), section “Launching and distribuiting your game”:
The Python API related to the launcher (on BGECore Framework):
Comprehensible instructions: Nowhere to be found.

Ok, ok, well I’ll made a post late today explaining how to use it. This section of the forum is right right?