Is this a bug in 2.5 ?


This is irritating me, it looks like a very obvious bug but I havent seen anyone else complaining about it so it might be something specific to my setup ?

In recent builds when I am in edit mode,solid view, with limit selection to visible = On. (no see through mode), I cannot click and select a vertex on the default cube. I click on a vertex but either no vertex or the wrong vertex is selected.

If I turn on see through mode or wireframe view, vertex select works as it should do.

I am currently using build 29427 from

Any thoughts on this please ?

Regards Geoff

You didn’t tell us anything about your set-up, so there is no way of knowing, but I can say it works as expected here with -r29421 and -r29455.

Ubuntu 9.10 64 bit
nVidia drivers

Goeff, I get the EXACT same problem. When trying to select vertices (in solid mode,with Limit Selection to visible on) it either selects the wrong one or doesn’t select anything at all. Also, my normals are TOTALLY messed up, traveling out in in awkward directions, angled on the faces.

Edit: Using recalculate normals, flip normals, ect does not solve the normals problem.

When trying to select the bottle I created using the box select tool, I got what you see in those 2 pictures. I was told that turning off the checkbox for VBO’s (Vertex Based Objects) in Preferences should fix this issue but that didn’t help. This problem occurs in every single version of Blender 2.5 Alpha I can find, which leads me to believe it isn’t necessarily Blenders fault but instead an incompatibility with my system that Blender just doesn’t like. I use Windows Vista 64 bit. (hah, and yes I have tried 64 bit versions as well as 32 bit ones)

I can’t see your image on this pc but when you have weird normals with different length normal lines and them not pointing in the direction you expect, in object mode try Ctrl+A to clear your scale and rotation.


Glad its not just me going mad then and doing something stupid, this looks like it is a genuine bug. I dont think its a PC driver related thing as I tested an earlier version of 2.5 and it doesnt suffer this problem.

But for info, I am using Win XP 32 bit, Nvidia GTX275 video card. Not sure what driver version, but must be reasonably up to date.

I hope the Devs look into this issue, it is making 2.5 unusable for me :frowning:

Regards Geoff

!!! SOLVED !!

Hi Hastule

Surprisingly, the problem was the NVIDIA driver I was using. I have just updated to use

WHQL driver version 257.21 and the problem has gone away.

If you want to try it, download link is


wow, that actually fixed the problem for me to! How did you figure that out? haha I wouldn’t of thought about updating a graphics card driver to solve a problem like this.

I also have this bug.

I’m using Windows 7 64bit, with an ATI 4890 video card using the 10.5 cat drivers.

This is repeatable as follows:

File > New
Top ortho view and select Cube and subdivide once
Delete verts on left side
Add Mirror (clipping can be on or off does not matter)

At this point everything works as expected.

Enable the editing cage and it stops showing your selected verts but will show edges and faces.

If you stay in solid mode and have “Limit selection to visable” turned off, then it will show vert selection again.

If you extrude once the problem goes away for a while, only randomly popping up after that.

Still there after updating drivers to 10.6

I made a video of the problem and a few others.

Viewport Madness:

As far as I can see in your video when you are selecting vertices, it is the same as in 2.49. When you have selected ‘Apply modifier to editing cage during editmode’ you can see the selected vertex is white not the usual yellow (the same effect as in 2.49). At 3"30 where you say that face selected has remained highlighted, this is the currently active face (the last face that you selected), this is normal blender behaviour.
I see that you are using alpha2, have you tried any recent builds ?

Looking back at that video I could have done a much better job describing the problem during the movie.

Watch the video in 720 fullscreen.

Before I enable the editing cage I’m just showing everything working fine. After I apply it, in solid and wire I’m showing vert selection not working (or just the highlighting not working). When I turn “Limit selection to visible” off I get everything working as normal in solid mode (until I check that button again), wire is still wrong.
I then fix by extruding once.

As far as the face selection, I know that has been like that forever. It’s still weird, and I can think of no reason for that behavior. It is a different colored face in my mesh that always seems distract me.
I have learned to work around it, but I thought I would bring it up since I was already making a video.

And for the Plane extrude and zoom out thing, I really have no idea what to call that. Occlusion or something? Myabe a plane isn’t set solid or I don’t know.

All of these things happen in alpha2 up to 29574. In trunk and the sculpt branches. Have not tried render yet.

(After rereading the thread, my problem and that of the op are not the same. Not sure why I posted in here.) Sorry for the hijack :frowning: