Is this a bug in 2.5

Free three wheeler or three.

um…i don’t get it…

it’s a really nice render though :smiley: (or is this BGE, like the boats?) i especially like the red plane…

70s nostalga. The two planes I have given away in the past. BTW, its a HAWK. The Bug looks like it would be an excelent starting point for an electric vehical if the molds still survive, but the model is a bit high poly for the game engine. Dident quite get the mudgaurds right.
The render isent any thing special, just illustrating whats in the blend. The control actuaters are in the right place in the blend as well. Missed that when I posted the pic. They could both do with a texturing makeover by now.
Dont know what the colour scheme will be if they get concord flying again, and the red arrows now have a new livery.
So, anyway it is, and it isent a bug in 2.5.

How did you move the properties panel to the left?

Mouse over, F5