Is this a bug or am I just not doing something right?

I am using the alignAxisToVect function to track the cursor in my game (Player faces the mouse) and it all seams good and dandy, but the farther I am from world.Position(0,0,0) the less accurate it seams to track. I first thought it was because I had the cursor object in the Hud scene, but I switched the cursor to the same scene as the player and it still happens. Any help would be appreciated.:slight_smile:

Here is the blend:

GrowV2Level1.blend (508 KB)

and Thank you in advance:p

Never mind I figured it out if anyone was curious hereโ€™s what I needed to do.

I simply had to do some simple math:

own.alignAxisToVect ((-(own.worldPosition[0] - Cursor.worldPosition[0]),-(own.worldPosition[1] - Cursor.worldPosition[1]), 0), 1)

I just had to subtract the world coordinates from each other and make them negative.

Also for the cursor to work properly in a different scene, you have to have the camera in the overlay scene copy the position of the camera in the main scene.

heres the new blend:

GrowV2Level1.blend (509 KB)