Is this a bug?

I’ve noticed a bug, or I think it’s a bug, but I need confirmation.

If you create a node material and you add a driver to a mix color node(for example), the property will be marked as driver but it won’t appear in the Graph Editor/Drivers. So it can not be used.

I’d like to know if this is a bug or a not-yet-implemented-feature.
Uploaded with

Yep, looks like a bug

ok thanks, reported.

In the tracker I got this answer: “[…] Besides, directly driving/animating them won’t work (until a proper depsgraph recode). For now, you’d have to manually set
up the paths to go through an object (via the datablocks viewer).”
But I don’t understand it well. Is that a sort of workaround?
Can someone explain that a bit more? (the bug is closed in the bug tracker, so I can not ask for more info).