Is this a Case of Misaligned Normals?

Why after modeling something simple are some faces a different color? (see link) Is this a situation where the normals are not all aligned or something else?

This is something new that turned up in version 2.48 if I remember correctly. Something to do with UV’s, not normals.

Thanks Robo3Dguy. Do you know what it is or how to fix it? or does it need fixing at all? am using 2.5

Figured I’d throw this in too since it’s on the same model. How Would I make a cut from one vertice to another? (please see image link)


I don’t exactly know what it does…only that it has something to do with UV’s. But no, it doesn’t need fixing. :slight_smile:

Thanks Robo3Dguy. I won’t worry about it then. Would you possibly be able to help me with my second question? :slight_smile:

In your case you could use Ctrl+T to change your quad to tris. If it split it between the wrong vertices, rotate the edge, Mesh / Edge / Rotate Edge CW (Ctrl+E / 7)


Thanks Richard That worked well. I sure do wish they could make a knife tool like in Cinema 4D.

You select the Knife tool, then you hover over any vertice point and click to set the start of the cut, then you move your mouse to another vertice point to complete the cut. it works so good and I’m really missing it.