Is this a decent computer?

I started with a Laptop a long time ago and still have that same, 4 GB ram, i3 piece of crap laptop. I want to get a desktop but I don’t want to spend a whole lot. My friend showed me this and it looks like a good deal but I thought I would get some other opinions on it and maybe other desktops in the same price range. Please and thank you. Your help and advice is much appreciated.

That doesn’t look too bad for a system at that price. It will run Blender very well I’m sure. From what I have seen the 750ti is fairly speedy running Cycles and the 8 core CPU is good too. 8 GBytes of ram is ok, I have that on my system and it works well, although you might want to get some more (16). The motherboard looks like it might accept two GPU’s so you have some upgrade room there too.

Yup, looks good. That is better than mine in most aspects and I can run Cycles on GPU quite nicely. And it costs about as much as mine did. :slight_smile:

Thanks guys. I just bought the computer.