Is this a good hardware combination for blender?

RTX 3090
AMD Ryzen 9 5900X
Motherboard: ASUS ROG Strix X570
64 GB of RAM

Thanks for any help!

From the point of view that it should process and render almost anything super fast then that’s all pretty high end gear.

Depending on what you do, the 3090 could be overall for the money. You could save $1000 or so (depending on where you are and local prices) and get a 3080 12GB card and get near 95% the same performance. Unless you work on really big scenes/renders and need the 24GB VRAM of the 3090.

For the 3090 and 3080 for that matter, make sure to get a good high quality PSU of at least 850W, then of course there’s storage, a good cooler for the CPU and case with good air flow.

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Yes that’s basically all high-end. The question is: Do you really need this hardware?. Also the 40 series Gpu’s will maybe arrive this year. Just something to keep in mind.

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Seems like a fine config to me.

But while you’re at it: if you anticipate to be working on large scenes and/or running memory intensive applications like ZBrush or Unreal alongside Blender then it might make sense to double the system RAM and max it out. It’ll be more expensive/cumbersome to do so later on.

Thanks for all the replies. At the moment my scenes are relatively simple, but this could change in the future. Also I think I’ll probably want to add a 2nd GPU in the future.

Should I go with the 3080 and 128 GB of RAM or the 3090 with 64 GB of RAM?

If simple scenes then you can probably skip the 3090 altogether because there won’t be a need for its VRAM which would be the main reason to get it over the cheaper models. The successor can’t be too far off now anyway.

I would generally max out the RAM if the computer is supposed to last a few years. In comparison to the premium you’d be paying for a top end GPU its almost chump change, at least for the DDR4 used on your chosen mainboard. But strictly speaking no, it does not sound like you would require that either for the forseeable future.

If you do not work on complex scenes you do not need 128 GB of RAM.
You probably don’t even need 64GB but it is not that expensive, so why not.

You don’t need a 3090 either. A 3070 or even a 3060 should be fine.

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