Is this a good way to rig scales?

I had a basic scale mesh, then I used the array tool… then I made the modifiers real and weight painted them to the bone.

Is this an alright way to rig scales, or should I just stick to textures (like a displacement map)?

I want it so that the scales pop out.

Here is the link to the .BLEND file:

Thank you! :3

Nevermind, I found a way!

may I suggest another idea - make scales seem to pop out. May I suggest that you use a UV mapped normal texture and animate the normal strength (to make all the cales in a single texture pop out more or less, or, a bit more difficult, animate a mask or multiply texture that is blended with the normal map, you can move this around to make certain areas normal look darker/ lighter and even achieve a wave effect where the scales seem to bristle.

rigging thousands of individual scales would make me craz(y/ier)