is this a known problem?

hi there,

last night i spend some hours modelling a nice looking comic mesh that should be the avatar in a game project. i used simple mesh editing and parenting to empties. then i wanted to add some game logic for this guy and OOOOPS, when i simply change to the game mode §, the mesh gets spoiled, some vertex points simply start to mess up.

has anyone experienced this behaviour before?

thanks in advance, corban


You’re just the 1 654 876 victim of the “classic” “No Ctrl-A” attack :slight_smile:

Before parenting anything you must always apply Ctrl-A to your objects.
Unparent without transform aplly Ctrl-A and reparent.
Now all must be fine…i hope :slight_smile:

thanks. i knew somehow that this problem is one of the ‘oh no, this one again’ things, thanks. :smiley: