is this a known problem?

(corban) #1

hi there,

last night i spend some hours modelling a nice looking comic mesh that should be the avatar in a game project. i used simple mesh editing and parenting to empties. then i wanted to add some game logic for this guy and OOOOPS, when i simply change to the game mode §, the mesh gets spoiled, some vertex points simply start to mess up.

has anyone experienced this behaviour before?

thanks in advance, corban

(OTO) #2


You’re just the 1 654 876 victim of the “classic” “No Ctrl-A” attack :slight_smile:

Before parenting anything you must always apply Ctrl-A to your objects.
Unparent without transform aplly Ctrl-A and reparent.
Now all must be fine…i hope :slight_smile:

(corban) #3

thanks. i knew somehow that this problem is one of the ‘oh no, this one again’ things, thanks. :smiley: