Is this amazing super deal too good to be true?

Check out this deal on

See, a family member needs to get a new computer that doesn’t need massive gaming power, but I want some more to build on. So, I was going to give them my tower, and keep my stuff but then take the case and motherboard, to expand on. But that seems TOO cheap. I wonder if they got all the parts really cheap on wholesale or something. Seems like just the motherboard and DVD =-DL burner would cost that much!!! And by the way, they need to know if a Celeron 2.9 GHz CPU would be the equivalent of a 1 GHz P3 CPU.

edit: tried to fix link, but a good link is at the bottom, by Agent.

i am amazed at their 3100+ for $433 or however much it costs.


That’s the thing! The final price after rebate is like $160!!! Is that possible?!?! I don’t care if the GPU is crap, I have an extra Radeon 7200 (?) I can put in it. It’s just going to be for business data and numbers. What did you mean by 3100+ ? I can’t see the site until I go home.

well your link just redirects me to the main page

the first link on it is a 399 computer with a 3100+ AMD processor on it.
512Mb ram
160Gb Sata HDD


$399 and it looks about the right price…

To answer your question on the 2.9Ghz celeron and a pentium 3 1Ghz

The celeron is about 3x faster than the pentium 3, the difference is in quality and the build of the parts. Also you cant base a computers speed and even the processor soley on the hertz of the CPU.

Why the hell do I get this? Is this a NaN joke?

I think he messed up the URL.

I believe the link he was going for is

Thank you, sorry I messed up.

“The mighty Intel Celeron D processor, top-notch cooling fan, 512MB of fast DDR memory, a cool Mid Tower Case with a rockin’ 425-watt power supply. With its thrilling 533/800MHz Front Side Bus, formidable 8x AGP graphics slot, onboard 6-channel sound, Fast Ethernet LAN and more, MSI PM8M-V is among the most versatile motherboards on the market.”

I don’t know enough to tell if this would be good. We’re thinking of getting this setup, and putting in it a:
Pentium 4 2.8 Ghz
I want to get a new Gfx card, but for temp, a GeForce 5200 FX

Then we’ll take my Dell case, put the Celeron in it, with the stuff that comes with this tower, and then put in a Radeon 7200. Probably with 1 Gig of RAM. We need to know if that (being the computer mentioned in these last two sentences) would run Quickbooks Pro 2006.

Quickbooks System Reqs.:
At least 1 GHz Intel Pentium III (or equivalent)
256 MB of RAM for a single user, … [we’ll only have one user]
500 MHz Intel Pentium II (or equivalent)
128 MB of RAM for single user, …
Windows 2000/ XP
800 MB of Disk Space
…the rest, I know about already.

I know we’d need a new HD, but I could probably rip one out of our old Dell. If not, we’ll buy.

If that needs clarification, just tell me what I need to explain.

$399 and it looks about the right price…[/quote]

well obviously i get ripped off in my country. the exact same computer made at my local (which is in the top few percent for cheapest prices) is

885.453 USD

My upgrade of these componants cost me $1,157.60 USD

AMD Athlon64 3200+ venice core
Gigabyte K8N-SLI mobo
2x 1Gb dual channel kit Crucial ram 3,3,3,6 timings
GF4 6600 256Mb card (PCI-e 16x)
Enermax 420W noisetaker fan


tigerdirect got some really cheap price, and from what I know they can be trusted. It’s cheaper because they do not have warehouse to stock things. It’s all over the net I believe…so they doesn’t pay for storage or handwork on those machine. They order directly at the manufacturer and send it your way. I think you’ll have to put everything together yourself, but it’s not all difficult and they usually have some clear documentation coming with the motherboard and all.

it looks like a nice deal

Jeeez, you guys are quick! Thanks for the replies. I just wanted someone with a higher geek level than me to look at that. Do you think my plan will work? To put it more simply…

Dell (Blender,Gaming) Barebone (Don’t have)

P4 2.8 Ghz Celeron 2.9 ghz
GeForce 5200 ----------------
768 RAM ----------------
80Gig HD ----------------

Future (maybe, hopefully)
Dell (Quickbooks, not gaming) Formerly Barebone (Blender, Gaming)

Celeron 2.9 ghz P4 2.8 ghz
ATI Radeon 7200 PCI GeForce 5200 (until I upgrade)
768 RAM 1 Gig (value maybe) RAM
40Gig(?) HD 80 Gig HD

And the Dell is the one that would have to run Quickbooks.

I know I’m looking at a long, anxious day of PC Mutilation and Reconstruction, but I’m willing to do that.

The Pentium D is dual-core, right? Is the same true of the Celery-D? Or is this just another marketing-schpeal/confusion-generating designation?

I don’t think it’s dual-core.

All I need to know is:

Is a 2.9 Ghz Celeron equivalent to a 1 Ghz Pentium 3, for Quickbooks (Pretty simple data processing, if you ask me.)?

No it is actually a lot better but not really because its still a celly. yes it is better.

its not like quickbooks wont run on a slower comp, it will just process reports a lot slower. yes a celeron will do you fine.
its not gonna be like
“wtf only 23 fps in quickbooks?”
“pwn3d i have 63fps in quickbooks”

the celeron is better than a p3, and will do reports and graphs faster. how much faster, i cannot say.

I frequent a website called fatwallet. It is a website where they discuss hot deals on all kinds of items. As soon as anyone mentions a deal from tigerdirect, the members instantly point out tigerdirect’s awful history with rebates (although it has supposed to have gotten a little better lately). They’ve left such a bad taste in so many customers mouths that many refuse to purchase from there anymore.

Also, they are not a member of the BBB (better business bureau), but they do have a record there. A pretty bad record. See for yourself:

It’s you’re option whether or not to shop there. I’m not trying to scare you away, I’m just giving the facts.

Thanks for that reference, munkey_mike, but I think I will use Tiger Direct. I know that record looks bad, but it seems like that’s only for a small part of their business.

I googled: tiger direct’s customer approval, and it sounds like they actually are kind of a big name.

“The site has been listed as a top 10 e-commerce site by Nielsen Net Ratings for several years, according to Tiger Direct.”

This was in an article about how they sued Apple for using the name Tiger. I know you can’t go off of what Tiger Direct says about themselves, that’s like listening to something a politician says, but it could be easily proven. And we need the cheap computer! :smiley: