is this antenna coded right to really work?

is this antenna coded right to really work?

it is for dead reckoning using 3 antenna,


BPR_Antenna (LogicCoded).blend (744 KB)

ok, just thought about it, a cylinder with a slit would work better then a rotating obstruction antenna

A pole antenna will work even better.
But it depends on the purpose! Normally antennae have no reason to rotate.

its for getting precision angle data,

dead reckoning using-Doppler, angle data, and time data.

I know now that a cylinder with a slit, would work better then a obstruction.

the antenna is stationary, the obstructor is rotating,

when the obstructor is blocking the signal that is a line point to the target,

however, a “drum” with a slit, would indicate a angle when receiving,

You mean in real life, and you’re brainstorming an RF mocap system?

something to get very fine resolution data of signal position , for 3d mice or mocap or??

At the high frequencies required for high-precision and fine resolution, you’ll only require tiny tiny antennas (you can fit an array on a PCB). Problem is those high-frequencies are easily blocked in much the same way as optical markers.

The 9-axis IMU systems are looking pretty cool: