is this beyond blender 2.69

have tried several positions of the bones and several area of influence but the shoulder cloth is always is wrong. sticks out of the shoulder
thanks all


weights were either 0 or 1

About your closed thread,
actually you’re moving also forearm, hand and fingers with the arm, verify that each of them has influence zero over the torso.

As for this one, I wonder what do you expect without smooth transitions in the painted weights, neither I understand your stating that weights were 0 or 1, perhaps you realized by yourself which the problem was?


realizing what the problem MAY be and knowing how to fix it - are not the same thing!
this is a support forum - i need support to learn HOW to fix it.
and yes i made sure that the hands etc were not influenced by the torso etc.

First off, anatomically, reaching such pose of the arm should involve also a movement of the shoulder.
Second, the fixing of those deformations is a matter of trials and errors, smoothing the weights and trying; often arm pits even need a shape key for correct deformations. Here in particular the topology doesn’t help.

As for the strange influences of the torso, you should verify that none of the bones of the arm/hand/fingers influence the torso (sure they do), not the opposite.


thanks paolo

I don’t know if what I told was of any use to you, however, about the strange influence on the bust, possibly check that in the armature modifier the option ‘Bone Envelopes’ is not enabled (just a thought).


thanks .

You are using what appears to be a low poly game character. Low poly game characters are generally tri faced meshes and it works in a game engine, Blender, 3DS Max, Maya, MODO, etc… generally use quad faces. So basically, you’re starting with a flawed mesh for what you want to accomplish.

You’re weight painting needs work. You should have a smooth transition from red to blue in the shoulder area in weight paint mode. A smooth red to yellow to green to blue paint job is needed there, Spread out the control of the bone…