Is this blender?

Hey guys. So I was recently watching an Indian web series named ASUR and found the following photo in it. Basically this was supposed to be a facial reconstruction software or something and I thought let’s see what software they r using. To my surprise it was blender. So my question is how did they changed some icons here. It certainly looks more techy.

in the bottom is 3ds max, and to the left also (shader editor)
I guess its a fake collage they made for the scene

There is also ui images from both blender 2.8x and 2.7x. The viewport is 2.7x the outliner is 2.8x for example.

That is a collage that has absolutely no sense. :laughing:

On top, that are first iteration of 2.8 UI. A global Topbar in sculpt mode above same Topbar in edit mode, above vertical Toolbars rotated of 90° to be horizontal (Toolbar of Edit mode, Toolbar of Weight Paint mode & Toolbar of Sculpt mode).
At the right bottom, the 2 Render panels seems to be from a mockup about spacing from 2.79.
Profile of head are from a fullscreen screencapture of 2.79.
At the right, Sidebar is showing an addon for 3D printing.

By default, Blender has 20 types of editor.
It is very easy to make it look cluttered simply by splitting areas and changing editor type.
I don’t really understand why somebody, knowing it, would have to make any image editing to obtain a similar result.