Is this bug or what? (moving object affects to the other objects)

Okay, i have made few objects and materials in differend blend files and now i have collected them all to the one big scene. The problem with the last addition is that if i try to move it everything else in that scene moves or scales weirdy. Ill add some pictures so you could understand:

This picture i have just added that shield in the scene: i am moving the shield
This is what happened, the whole project explodes and everything just flies somewhere… o.O

So what was that? I cant really understand why this happened to my scene? :s

If i touch that shield it every time happens and i am tried to reduse all the parens and every settings, but it still happens… :confused: Can you help me?

I can see that you have proportional editing enabled, this makes nearby objects move in the same direction as the selected object. You can enable/disable it by pressing “o”

Ohh, thank you thank you… I didnt even know that the proportional editing mode can be set on as object mode. :smiley:
Sorry about this stupid thread… :smiley:

No problem, that’s what this forum section is for anyway;)