Is this character looking good?

I’m kinda new to this forums, so yeah, thought I could post something here,
Here’s a character I’ve recently created:

It’s gonna be used in a game in Unity engine, hopefully it’ll be popular to play with! (I’m not the one who’s making the game, I’m just making this character for a client and he’ll do the rest)
So yeah, thought if you guys could tell me what else should I do with it? anything to edit? are the eyes good enough? is it actually looking cute or is it just my eyes?
Also take a look at my other characters if you wish!


He looks both creepy and cute at the same time in my eyes.
The eyeballs are popping out too much on the sides, maybe that´s why it has a creepy feel to it.
Other than that, looks good, maybe change the green to a grey of the outfit.

Thanks, Derebender,
I think you’re right, yup, his eyes might seem a little weird, I’ll work on that,
But eh, I unfortunately cannot change the colours, I’m just following what I was told to do by the client, so yeah… :’-(


i figure, the creepy thing is because the mouth is laughing or smiling, but the eyes do not…
other than that, i like the elephant hoody :D, maybe the material could use some roughness to make it more cloth-like,
the skin material looks great with this kind of character