Is this course good?

I was searching for a course to improve my art skills and found this one.
what do you guys think?

What specifically are you looking to improve?

From a brief glance, that course seems to be focused around color theory and lighting. Painting in general. In case you want to improve sculpting or concept design, I doubt that’s the best choice.

I want to improve my human anatomy knowledge, perspective and light, the basic kind of knowledge that I could apply both in 2D or 3D.

Do they offer something to let you “try before you buy?” Do they have a phone number where you can pick up the phone and chat with a human?

It’s probably another, beginner tutorial.

Check out Feng Zhu Design School (FZDSCHOOL) on YouTube. Here’s the demo reel.

My advice is, if you want to know human anatomy, get a small reference statue from amazon, a full human, a head and, a skull - - Keep them on your desk, for easy reference - - You can also get an anatomy and physiology chart, from amazon, this stuff costs 20 $ per unit and, you won’t have to learn a lot of weird words or, stuff, just look at the statue . . For me, I want to make realistic humans but, I don’t want or, need to learn anatomy beyond, the surface level since, my models are only required to look good, on the surface . . You will find 90 % of your anatomy questions can be answered, by looking at a statue, like this . .

Then you can just look and, see where the muscles go . . Basically, you don’t need to make accurate muscles or, nerves under the 3D model surface, you just need to know what the surface looks like and, what color ( albedo map ) it needs . . Then you can make good 3D, without learning a boring topic, any-way - -

You can also find anatomy ref heads and, skulls with those references, you will be able to make almost anything, as a beginner . . Good luck, Take care - -

I guess price is a big part of weather it’s worth it or not.

I was lucky to grab an ecorche statue way back, more than 10 years ago. I really like having that as anatomical reference. This one was made by Andrew Cawrse.

AFAIK they have been out of stock/commission for a good while.
… Just had a look, This sounds like the distributor I bought it at:

They still sell them, they’re not cheap though!

A friend at work also had these from 3D Total. Although not as good as the big statues from AnatomyTools, they are a great reference, and much cheaper.

But honestly, if you’re into anatomy, there’s a bunch cool vids out there. A lot of super cool sculpting timelapses. Books, images and such. But at the end of the day, I feel like one just has to do it. The more you practice (and failing is a part of the journey) the better you get. And not everyone is the same, what works for one does not mean it works for the other. Try to explore different ways of learning anatomy.

Proko is excellent as well.

I think this course looks good.

As many have said, there are many great books and tools to check out but this course looks like it gives you a broad, well thought out, curriculum of core disciplines to learn and practice.

The instructor is a founder of CubeBrush and apart from saying he’s “a candy connoisseur and sometimes an artist”, his work speaks for itself!

He also says you can buy the first term and ask for your money back if you’re not happy.

$599 is not a small amount of money but it looks like you can buy each term separately - I haven’t added it up to compare the totals but again Marc Brunet is contactable and you should ask him anything.

Each term looks like 6 to 12 hours of tutorials with projects. In my experience, doing a little bit every day, 6 - 8 hours of 3D training takes me month or more to get through, which means this might be at a least a year or more worth of training - many people are different and my maths isn’t always great so I’m sure there’ll be other opinions.

This course looks like it will give you many skills and techniques you need to think about and look at when you are creating anything, and it touches on industry tools.

Just remember they are also things you will hopefully be practising daily and spending a lifetime to master. And happily! - Learn, practise, reach out, share.

Found this article on today - an interview with Marc about this course.
Cubebrush Art School