Is this CPU good for blender?

Hey, so the one thing that has gone untouched in my trusty PC so far is the CPU and as intel processors are so much more expensive i am going down the AMD route :smiley: but to achieve this i will need to replace my motherboard too, so yer…CPU is

AMD Athlon II X2 250 3.00GHz

and here is the link

this will be combined with 4GB DDR3 RAM + 2.5GB DDR2 RAM
ATI Radeon HD 4550 512MB

Would this be good, compared to the specs in my signature :stuck_out_tongue: but seriously i currently only have a 1.6GHz Intel Celeron :eek: which does ok, but render times can be soooo slow took way over an hour to render the video below, or is that normal?

[edit] for about £12 more i can get tri core :smiley:

for 3D and multimedia i like intel, is a few more expensive but very much powerfull, i am recomended use quadcores for 3d because for make render are more cheap that a x2 or x3 becuse you have 4 cores with the same cpu. in few time will be arrive de amd bulldozers and other time the test and benchmarks say that cpu are better for a price. i think that intel will be rule de sector for many time. good luck.


If you can wait Intel’s new line of processors are coming out Q4 this year. Otherwise you’ll have to change motherboards again when upgrading. i7 processors are quite old already. The only i7 i’d be interested in is the 6 core version but that’s still unreasonably expensive.
However if you want to upgrade now I agree with RiVit that i7 is probably the way to go. They aren’t even that expensive anymore since they’re pretty old and probably also because sandybridge got released with their mainstream processors.