is this doable?

Hi Folks,

I’m a high school shop teacher and I have an idea for a project.
We have no funding but I want to teach my kids about robotics.
I’m thinking about building a robot in blender and then using the game engine to make it execute scripts the kids can write (in python of course)
I know C++ and Java pretty well but I’m a newbie at python.
Think simple robot arm with a couple of joints, each joint has a name and the script tells the named joints how to rotate.
Does that capability exist? I’m pretty sure it does but not knowing much about python or the game engine I figured I’d ask you guys before I dive into this.
So what do you folks say, is this a reasonable project to tackle?
If so I promise to come back and ask lots of questions :wink:


Absolutely, go for it. You should be able to do it. Just one thing; you’ll have to make your robot as flexibale as possible to meet the demands of kids wild imagination! Continue to post hear if you run into any problems.


thanks for the reply
for starters it will have to be just a proof of concept kind of thing
a simple joint and driving it from a script
I have to admit I have no idea how to do that, guess my weekend is booked up :wink: