Is this foamlike material possible to produce with geometry nodes?

Hi there!
Just for the fun of it, I have for quite a while now been researching what would be the best solution to produce a foam or sponge-like material. It seems to be a really hard task and I think I’ve read all of the threads and watched every video about it but still can’t get it right, at least not when doing a bit of closeups.

This is a picture from Media Work, and probably done in Houdini. So my question is, would this be possible to do with geometry nodes?


I read about this sometime ago… not sure if it was this:

Thanks, that looks nice, but still not what I’m after since it uses a surface and then volume to make the inner structure. So, back to the question: does anyone know if it would be possible to do this with geometry nodes?

Ups sorry i totally overread “geometry nodes”.