Is this forum slowing?

I don’t know why, but I can’t help but feel that this forum is not as active and lively as it once was. Are people around here drifting away from this forum or from forum posting in general? Is the novelty of text-based communication wearing off a little? I remember a time when people thought it was fun to simply see what they typed pop up on the screen.

What do you think?

It could be because a large number of the regular posters are back to school. Wait a few weeks and it will pick up again.


Well, at least I’m homeschooled so I’ll be able to post here regularly. :wink:

Same here! Good to see another homeschooler around.

well, all I gotta say is that maybe the words to action ratio is gaping and subcontiously everyone’s trying to close this gap… somehow… (too much said… too little done… (unless you’re coding stuff for blender…) (or unless one doesn’t consider learning action…) )

ok… too much… that’s the last time I read that mind… (what a mess…) lol

I do my work at home too, but starting this October i’ll be able to go to a nearby house which does stuff with people and prepare them for college ect…

It won’t be be as long or as often as regular school.

How old are you?

-The fact that political / sensitive topics are not allowed.
-A fairly dedicated prude police force.
-Too many spam threads.
-Most of the cooler members are leaving as more and more kids come in here and try to bring it under their rules.

Number one is in effect because they lead to flamewars
Number two I like, if they allowed porn on this site my father would probably block it and give a bad reputation to Blender.
Number 3 I could see why.
Number 4 seems to mark the trend, there’s still some cool members here (Wu and Sago don’t count)

Icoxo, I’m not talking about porn, of course it has no place here. I’m just saying that topics often get derailed into debates over morality with only the slightest of provocation.

i’m a regular… homeschooled too.

i dunno if it’s slowing i havnt noticed it

I remember when I registered on good ol’ elysiun, when it took hours for someone to reply to your post and weeks to get a rather large thread. Now of course it takes minutes for people to respond, and maybe a couple of days to get a large thread.

Of course, it wasn’t that slow all the time. And then it got much more active around the time Kansas_15 was banned, for some reason (really, I’m not kidding). I mean seriously. There were 500 people browsing at once on that poor weak server once, causing a near DoS attack.

But, it’s cooled down for the school year, only to get even bigger next summer.

I think the forums gained had alot of activity over the summer, and has died down abit to its usuall steady posting.

I woke up this morning, checked blendernation/elysiun (cause I had some free time), and there was 20 threads either created or posted in.

Personnaly I dont like it to busy, cause then you miss some of the really good threads.

valarking: about cooler members leaving, it’s always been like that, surely you have noticed. people grow out of forums all the time, or become just readers.


The bussier it gets, the better the odds of a good thread.
I’m inclined to agree with Valarking, threads get closed mightely quick nowadays. I’m not saying open political/moral/flamewar debates should be allowed, but a bit of leaniency would create an environment for some interesting threads. Interesting threads draw members to the forum, which can only be good for a Blender forum.
As far as spam goes, not much one can do about that, just lock it as it comes…

Ok. There is still a lot of activity here. Maybe it’s just my perception. Personally I like flame wars. They’re fun. They get the blood flowing.

Maybe I felt this way because it seems on average I don’t get very many replies for threads I start – which may be because I usually post in a not very conversational style (more statements than questions).

As far as the fun of text-communications comment, everybody must have had a time in their life when they first started using forums and chat rooms and couldn’t stop laughing just because of the crazy things they could do without anyone knowing who they were. Is this feeling wearing off, or do people, on average, still feel that posting on the internet is somewhat thrilling?

Wow, there are like 5 homeschoolers on this site, how awesome. I’m homeschooled too.

I have noticed that the forum isn’t as lively as I remember, but no doubt it’ll get pretty busy around Christmas to say the least (I mean, everyone’s gotta do an x-mas project, right? ;)).

Yeah man, those two are the worst. Terrible persons. I wish I could say this every time I had the chance, like you do over and over again (and over and over and over and…), but unfortunately I do have some sort of a life.


Okay, so you’re kind of cool, I’m still a little iffy about liking Wu though, your humor seems to be a bit less in the way of dirty content.

To me it seems that the quality of topics here have died and more and more pointless crap gets posted.

Id say as a whole, elysiun has been going down hill especially this section… it seems what we really need are some proper, lengthy topics back in this section…