Is this gossip?

Ok, I blogged about quiting my job the other day, I gave the reason as well as letting off some steam about my co-workers. Every bit is true, none of it is a lie. So the youth pastor of my former church replied and told me that what I was doing was gossiping, I’ve posted what he wrote too.
Did I gossip? Is this thread gossip?
What is the true definition of gossip?

My blog:

Monday, June 12, 2006 Quit My Job!
Current mood: cranky

Well today I quit my job.
Here’s the story.
Where I work all my co-workers (includiong my boss) does drugs. Not only do they do drugs, but they sell drugs in the back. They’ve been storing most of them in the ceiling tiles in the bathroom. We have all kinds of people showing up to buy drugs though, Firemen, the water guy, bikers (mostly), even cops. About 75f the calls we get is for the guy’s in the back, either their girlfriends or someone wanting to buy drugs and they stay on the phone for about 10 or 20 minutes. I have rediculous deadlines to meet, I have I think 7 jobs that were supposed to be done today and now none of them are going to be done. I start working on one job and another gets pushed to me and I’m not able to finnish the first one, and another, and another, and another, it’s incredibly stupid and I’m never able to get any work done, honestly me and the cleaning/ secratary lady get the most work done, sometimes my boss doesn’t even show up for work and never tells us that he’s not going to show up. There’s this guy named Greg that smells like a littler box that has’nt been cleaned in six month that’s my co-worker, every time he’s on MY computer in MY office he ends up deleting all my work because he somehow crashes the dang computer every time he gets on. Also when he even just stands in the doorway of my office he stinks up the whole place, it’s really embarrasing. I can always tells when he’s used my phone in my office cause it smells disgusting. When I sit in my chair at my desk it feels disgusting cause it’s damp on the seat from God knows what and it stinks. My co-worker throws fits if he has to answer the phone (part of his job is answering the phone) or doesn’t get his way with anythung even something as stupid as not getting to go to lunch at the time he wants to. Greg throws things too, he throws stuff when he gets mad hits stuff when he gets mad and yells like a lunatic. Honestly Greg is crazy and really, really, really needs some help. Greg is also a pedophile that used to sleep around with a 17 year old (in his defense he was 37 at the time, he’s 47 now), he’s always making disgusting crude remarks about girls that come in to order t-shirts (about 12 to 15 years old) and is just flat out disgusting and perverted, he also hates Christians. Greg is very disrespectful to me in front of customers, today I came back to work after my lunch break and he had a customer with him in my office and started cussing me out because there was supposed to be some artwork done today, I never knew it was supposed to be done today, even if I told the guy it was I wouldn’t be able to remember because I got Greg standing there talking to me about how much he hates republicans, christians, and thist and that, whike I’m trying to get some freakin’ work done. So Greg is harpen’ at me and I just walked out and drove home, I’m through with that place, I mean seriously, I am through, I can’t take working at a place like that anymore.
I know that TSG will probably close down real quick if they dont’ get someone that is even half as good as I am.
Good riddence

My former youth pastor’s responce:

This is PJ
Do you realize how wrong it is for you to make this kind of information public? Do you realize that you are spreading gossip whether it is true or not? And any witness you had to these people has now been ruined and not just your witness, but this makes all Christians look bad. Everyone that is even mentioned in this blog needs to see what you have accused them of. That’s the right thing to do. I love you buddy, but you really need to pray about this and make this right.

Posted by Chance on Friday, June 16, 2006 at 7:17 PM

Hell yeah, it’s gossip. But it comes secondary, it’s obvious not your intention to gossip.

Most important for you is to let out your frustration. Very understandable, if people are making it impossible for you to work.

When you really decide to quite your job though, you should tell it to 'em straight what you think, like your boss and Greg. Don’t spare them. Perhaps you’d choose not to do that, cause maybe it’s not in your nature. That’s okay too.

Forget about “this makes all Christians look bad”. If there’s one person who can be sceptical about certain religious matters, choices, subjects and so one, it would be me. But I think you had every right to say what you said. I’m not saying gossiping is a good thing, but in this case it’s absolutely not a bad thing. trust me.

Love ya man and good luck,

Hmm… maybe what made your youth pastor consider your blog post a gossip was giving the names of the shop and your co-workers. I wouldn’t have done that. If they read your blog, they’ll hate you even more…

Anyway… good luck with a new and better job :slight_smile:

Gossip involves talking about other people, most of what you wrote about was what they did to you. If someone treats you badly you have every right to complain about it, not holding people responsible for their bad actions would be far less christian than any gossiping. I would have done a lot more than just blog about it, they have no right to treat you like that and I’d at the least have lodged a harrassment complaint for religious intolerance and maybe even tip off the police about the drugs.

Well, if you turned them in, then it cannot be called a gossip, but beeing a good citizen. You probably do wise to quit the job. Drugs wont do good to anyone, nor does the rest of that stuff that you told about.

I’m christian, and I think your pastor was wrong. You were trying to get away from all the evil that was going on in your job, all the drugs, the hate, the chaos… And I think that it might be a good idea to make it public. It’s expressing your feelings, and it helps to releive tension. For you to keep it all to yourself would cause you to go as insane as Greg eventually.

Edit: Democrats need to get a life and stop cussing republicans and christians for no reason.

Edit2: I don’t think that makes christians look bad, it makes it look like the christian (you) is the only one doing the right thing. It makes christianity look better. Tell THAT to your pastor; also read him the dictionary definition of Gossip, which is talking about other people and their private life behind their back. This is NOT gossip.

No offence, but this scheme to have people read your insignificant blog by putting it up on the forums is quite pathetic.

Please find some other way to get the attention you so desperatly crave, and stop polluting the forums with this garbage.

You obviously didn’t read everything he said. if he was gossiping, you’d be right. But he’s not.

That’s a little harsh, but as attension goes I have enough already, honestly, I was truly wanting an edjucated opinion, ya know to see if I really am wrong.
I hope your having a good day Social.

Tynach: You just stooped to their level, congratulations. Most democrats (and non-republicans in general) don’t hate christians and many are christians themselves. You don’t end hate by spreading it further.

Most democrats I have met are not christian and think christians should die; I look at them weird and tell them to get a life, hoping that my strange reaction will get them to start thinking about what they beleive. I was not spreading hate, I was spreading the concept of “Stop complaining and succeed in life,” not “Democrats complain, and they don’t know anything, so complain about them too.” I was not saying that we need to complain about them, I was saying that they need to stop complaining and get some sense. And I didn’t stoop to their level, because I don’t think they think things out thoroughly like this.

If I have offended some democrats that are christian and are conservative, I am sorry that I have offended you; I speak to the other part of the democratic population which is described above and you have nothing to worry about.

Ha, typical of an impotent drug user. I laugh at him as I watch him struggle and die in the world.

F*ck them all. I don’t know why anyone would call it gossip, you were venting and let off your frustration, and you said the truth. (I also saw the messages you sent to the pastor dude on myspace XD)

Let them light it up, stick infected needles in theirselves, and watch them shrivel up and die - physically, mentally, psychologically, and spiritually.

Dude, shut the fuck up, that was totally uncalled for. Grow up if you want to post here, k thanks.

jack black:
While I usually think you’re a bit too sensitive, I think you were in the right here. However, I really would take the people’s names off the blog, lest you possibly face some sort of legal thing. Maybe if they were doing something private that wasn’t harmful to others it could be considered gossip (it wouldn’t be your youth pastor’s business anyway), but that is not uncalled for at all. You were bothered by it and you said why. You weren’t complaining without action either, you quit. Sounds like you are perfectly justified.

“…but this makes all Christians look bad.”
What the hell, by opposing drug use?

Normally, if this guy just told you that it was gossip, I would say, hey, it’s his opinion, but what he said was COMPLETELY out of line. I would seriously look in to whether this guy is connected to the drug users, because no sane person reacts like this pastor did.

That’s the kind of thing, that if it happened to me, I would go to this guy’s superior IMMEDIATELY, and if that did not resolve the problem, change churchs/youth groups immediately.

Tynach, you should probably cut the politics before this threads gets pwned by the mods. Making offensive blanket statements about a huge chunk of the US population will draw argument.

And you are lecturing me?

1) I did not use a curse word
2) What I said was my opinion
3) Take your own advice

I think writing is a great way to vent… It’s much better than beating someone to a pulp with a baseball bat. You have the right to rant, i mean its not like any of us know those people anyway so what do they care?

My verdict: NOT gossip

by saying ‘this makes all christians look bad’ I think your YP was referring to his statement on you gossiping, he’s saying that it makes it look like all christians gossip about drugs and stinky people.

yeah, he’s a fool.

you should have taken all of their drugs just before you left and either made yourself a buck ( :stuck_out_tongue: ) or handed it all into the police.

seriously though, I would strongly suggest against going to the police unless you intend to move away in the very near future (read:tomorrow) because the druggies will put 2 and 2 together and make your name.

Bikers are dangerous.

gossip or not, it should be an opportunity to talk to the police and see what you can get sorted against scum like your employers :wink:

Yeah, they would know it’s me that turned them in, but honestly I don’t care if my former boss is a biker/druggie, street people don’t scare me, I’ve grown up around them my whole life. My dad pastored an outreach church and the first girl I ever really liked was the daughter of a drug dealer. I almost got involved in a gang too, I’m glad I didn’t, but that’s just the kinda stuff I’m used to. I am cautious though.

Ok… First off, don’t turn this into a war. We all know how much the mods love to lock threads.

Anyways, JackBlack, I would have quit already. The only few places that employ would employ me all have druggies that work there, so I stay unemployed. I’v also met peopel like your coworkers, most have been taken care of (we’ve had some MAJOR issues with people like that). And your pastor, he probibly thinks that you are exaurating(sp?) and are just trying to release your frustrations. As far as getting a new job, I wish you luck.


You’re redirecting the point.

The point is that you were extraordinarily rude with no provocation. Of course it’s your opinion. It’s one that should not have been posted as it adds nothing to the thread.

THINK before you use the internet.

jack black:
LMAO at your comment:
" Your retarded."