is this how, im meant to model....

this is my first post, and i was wondering if im use’ing blender rite,
i was trying to re-create, a 3d robot head, of the robot fulgore,
this is what he looks like ( pic from a game )
ive used blender before, but this time when i downloaded,
i realy tryed, and learned some more stuff ( video tutorials are great )

ive attached some images, of what i tryed to make so far,
and here’s the project to

im just wondering, is this how you make 3d models,
all i did was,
make a plane object, then extrude, move, and resize it alot,
and ended up with this project, and the pics i attached,
if im going the wrong way about it, could you point me to some tutorial.

thanks for any advice, me love blender.
and sorry if ive broke any rules :smiley:

below is his eye’s, and the top part of his head,
i didnt want to carry on, because i thought i could be making 3d models wrong.


Yes, that looks good to go.


i was a bit worried, if i was making models wrong,
like if something screwed up later on ( adding texturse to it and stuff )
guess i’ll carry on then, blenders fun.

Lookin good so far. The only thing I would say is, it looks like you have a couple of tri’s (three sided polygons) at the centre base of the model. These should ALWAYS be avoided where possible.

This is because they will result in pinching and general model visual errors. So before you move on I’d convert those tri’s to quads (four sided polys) if I were you.

Edit:- On closer inspection, I’m blind. Ignore what I just said, good job keep at it.

thanks for the info on three sided polygons,
i didnt know about that, so i mite of made some later on,
seems like im making them rite then, so me carry on.