Is this Inappropriate?

No not really, I would have posted about this when it first came out but I was afraid it would get locked right away. But I haven’t SEEN anyone post about it yet so I think that I must do it.

If you every use the internet you must watch this video. It’s a part of your heritage.

I actually love this song.

\well anywayz maybe someone already posted about it though.

Why is it part of my heritage?

because history has just been made - here is one of the world’s most awesome and hilarious music videos… ever… and it wasn’t realeased on mtv, it was realesed on youtube

this is like Thriller only for the internet


Thats awesome, immature, but awesome :d

Just for statistical purposes, how old are you? Yep, didn’t find it funny in the slightest…

Did you and your school friends have a good giggle over it? :slight_smile:

how old do you have to be to get as bitter as you? Just want to know for “staistical purposes”

video was ok, best part is where he says he’s paying by check

lol - that’s the worst insult I ever heard in my life - yeah I giggled… what are you going to do about it :eek:

It aired on Saturday Night Live. I remember laughing my ass off when I saw it at like… 12:30AM. Didn’t even chuckle this time. Must be a result of the time of day and ultra high consumption of caffeine.

Can’t go wrong with SNL shorts. Usually.

D**k in a box is better.

Now THERE is a classic.

funny as hell.

anyone got a link to a good mp3? all I get is p**n every time I search.

lol u guys notice my sig xD

21, though i’ll happily say i’ve been like this since i was born :slight_smile:

Not that i pay much attention to someone who uses the site to advertise his commercial website…

and no kay, that wasn’t really an insult, rather stating reality.

lukus get the stick out of your arse.

Gotta love stupid stuff like this, else you should probably kill yourself for being too serious.

LOL. That had a nice flow up until the end where they started throwing in random “Jizz in my pants!”

Just because you don’t like it doesn’t mean you have a ‘stick in your ass’.

I thought it was pretty stupid. The music was horrible, and it wasn’t even mildly funny.

no, I think it DOES mean you have a stick in your butt becasue having a stick in your butt is just a subjective colorful way of saying you are being uptight, denying your inner monkey, or inner child, whichever u prefer.

“stick in ur butt, stick in ur butt” Sounds like it might be another great SNL skit.

“If you take the time to tell other people something isn’t funny then you have a ‘stick in your butt, stick in your butt’”

I mean I can understand taking the time to say something IS funny, because u have strong feelings about it. But to take the time to feel like u have to tell people something ISN’T funny shows me something about your character. When ignoring the posts would have been the most sensible option. IMO

but of course u have ur own opinions

So, I should ignore the post when :

  1. it’s like Marmite. Marmite made with poo.
  2. Rather inappropriate, not like I give shit about children, but I know other people do. poor old CD will have a heart attack. you know it shouldnt be posted hence the title.
  3. Like all the other retards here that think they’ve found something ‘cool’ ‘funny’ etc… etc… and feel the need to post this random shit on the forums. This is not your news feed website, make a blog and post all the shit you want, make some money while doing it, create a fan base of marmite loving junkies…
  4. it may be off topic but it is still a site revolving around blender and 3D CAD. quite frankly there plenty of dick doing it daily without the need of you. forums are a prime place to post this stuff too, make some friends there please.

Since i also find the video shit and hardly funny, not because im prude or anything as i certainly love triumph the insult comic dog etc… but do you see me posting triumph videos? no exactly.

I didn’t think it was that funny (I kinda liked the bit where the said the whole … chorus? line? like… over what it was he was trying to say… that was sorta funny, even though i could see that or something like that coming).

I liked the music a lot more than I liked the actual song… I can see this probably becoming really popular on dancefloors, but I’ve been to clubs and I know what kind of crap can pass on a dancefloor lately. I dunno. I’m not a huge fan of SNL over the last decade or so. Ever since Norm MacDonald got fired I’ve completely hated that show.

The Giraffes video was more funny. And that video they did with ellen paige… that bit was funny… But this? Not as funny.

And I agree with lukus 100%. I just found it slightly more funny than he did, apparently, in the same way that some parts of the titanic are slightly less underwater than others.

lol - I posted this thinking I could bring a little of happiness into someone’s life, but I’d only known it would upset u so much I might have thought twice about it :rolleyes: