Is this level too difficult?

I haven’t had much time for the Game Engine this month but I did manage to finish one level of my Draguana game. The only trouble is I’m not sure if it’s too difficult.

I’ve completed it a lot of times myself but then I know the pass-code. I was going to have an enemy as ‘Guardian of the Code Chamber’ but wondered if this might be a bit too much.

It was made in 2.25

If the animated texture is too fast, just change the ‘10’ in the script to a higher number. Let me know what you think.

MADE IN 2.25.


Hi jrt i tried the demo on but i cant move forward it’s like the dragon is hitting an invisible wall or something, i can move backwards though and rotate

the level isnt really that hard it just isnt very clear that the platform has to move try making it move sooner and maybe faster


friedbrain, I’m at a loss to know why it doesn’t work for you. If the animation plays, maybe it just needs a little more forward thrust for your computer. It’s a pain how things function different on different computers.

fudge, the problem with making the raft fall sooner is that the character may not be on it and it’s difficult to jump onto it while it’s moving. Maybe I’ll extend the platform beyond the raft so that it looks like you have to go further.

Thanks for checking it out guys.


The controls are kinda weird, which is the main reason it’s a bit hard. I didn’t like moving forwards when i turn, it made it extremely hard to stay on the platform. I got to the part wehre you have to “enter the code” but I always didn’t get it, is the code written somewhere in the level?


Could you PLEASE make it so that you don’t go forwatd when you turn?

Thanks guys, I’ve changed the controls. I had it like that because I thought it looked a bit odd with the character marking time when he turned. In real life an animal would twist it’s body when it turned on the spot (even humans). Guess I’ll have to try making an animation for that, think it maybe quite difficult though.

Pooba, the code isn’t written in the level for you to find but there are only 6 possible combinations.

R2Blend, Just tried your demo. Neat idea opposing the gravity. When I tried that I used ipos to position the camera, not very flexable.

Thanks again. jrt.

I actually thought of that as a newbie, but I just haven’t shown it yet.

I downloaded the new level, and it is much better. I still fell off the board (right next to the end LOL), but it was much quicker.

The water moves way too fast, too.