Is This Messed Up, Or What?!


woah, thats just wrong … im glad i dont know him lol.

oh crud … :o

thats just wierd wierder then actually just masturbating in thier mouth but using syringes? gross makes you wonder how many doctors injected thier semen into your veins;
“just sit back and this will numb your arm” “huh still not working? well let me just use the rea- er this anatheysia here.”

I think there are more perverted medical people than most would think or would feel comfortable with. I’ve heard stories on TV from doctors who say that internal examinations happen on patients who are anaesthetised or out of it in some way without their consent for the benefit of their medical students. Surely that’s a form of rape isn’t it? I mean, imagine if one of your relatives were in hospital and some hormonal med students were getting their jollies from prodding their nether regions. The worst bit is most think they can get away with it and a lot do. Even if they don’t, the worst that usually happens is they get struck off.

I think the worst offenders are male obstetricians/gynecologists - there were quite a few struck off last year for gross misconduct. I’m surprised there aren’t more to be honest. To even contemplate for 1 second that a female lying spread-eagle in front of a hetereosexual male with him fingering her is medical and in no way sexual is very misguided. Ok, perhaps if she’s ugly, but they’re not all ugly. I think there should be far stricter rules in the medical community especially when people are placed in such vulnerable situations.

That scene in kill bill vol. 1 put me off a bit when uma was in hospital. I was in hospital last year and was under morphine. All the young nurses were fine and respecting but one night, these old nurses came in and stripped me naked to give me a bed bath, which there was no need for. But I guess they thought that I was too delusional with the drug that I wouldn’t remember. I didn’t mind much because someone has to do it but I could imagine how violated a young girl would feel if some big ugly male nurse was allowed to remove her catheter or give her a bed bath.

I think dentists are in a situation where they can abuse more because of the anaesthetics they use. I was gassed once for an abcess and I couldn’t remember a thing of the whole experience. I could have been molested or anything. I’m not sure how the patients didn’t know what that dentist was using wasn’t semen. I’m no expert but some girls I knew said it has a very distinctive flavour. I guess if they weren’t experienced enough they probably wouldn’t know. It’s vile at any rate.

What kind of whacked out dentist would do something like that, good thing it’s not too common to see malpractice among doctors.

malpractice? doctors never get sued, what are you talking about?

Good thing he wasn’t a gynecologist, otherwise he’d have much bigger problems.

What the hell is the point of injecting that into their mouth? It’s just stupid.

Remind of that Seinfeld episode though… hehe…

And female dentist inject sweet breast milk ? I think there should be a push for legal brothels, it would cut down alot of these sexual assault. In my state I just saw on the local news that two teachers in Vegas had sex with one of there students, one male and one female teacher. However they both had clear back ground checks and have no criminal history. One female teacher claim it was the fact that its so wrong that made it so exciting. For god sake I suggest everyone switch to home schooling, it’s not only good for the family but much safer.

Wow, Al_Capone, you’ve taken stupidity to a whole new level.
Two teachers in vegas, therefore everyone in schooling is in danger?
Nice one %|

Hmm, I live in Vegas, I wonder who the teahcers were.

Now, while you have a point, I must agree with AlCapone, at least in that homeschooling (for certain ages) is MUCH better than public schools. I was homeschooled through middle school because the schools in Louisiana were sad bad it was pathetic. I’m in public school (and a great one at that) in Las Vegas, and there’s no way in hell I would choose to do homeschooling during high school.

phlip, this is the third time this year and more then half of the students carry weapons, you can’t argue with the fact, if you don’t believe me then go check out the news papers.

phlip, this is the third time this year and more then half of the students carry weapons, you can’t argue with the fact, if you don’t believe me then go check out the news papers.[/quote]

Bullshit, that is fabricated numbers.
Half of the students?
Maybe in some ghetto school, but HELL NO.

Only telling you what I heard from news 3 KVBC, don’t blame me.

I heard lots of stories about what goes on in an OR, sometimes the docs even make fun of the patients… well, what can you say about it … it sux.

As odd as legalised brothels sounds for decreasing sexual assault, I think it would work. I reckon most sexual assaults happen from sexual repression. I wouldn’t be surprised if there were less assaults in amsterdam than in the US or UK.

There can’t be anything wrong with home schooling. Look how Valarking turned out ;).

As Bill says from Kill Bill 2, “you ain’t kiddin’”. There was a doc on TV who likes to tell the joke that one of his colleagues did a womb scrape on a fat woman and had written on his form that he couldn’t perform the procedure without the use of a miners lamp and a canary.

I also heard that there were nurses who injected something into a guys you know what to make it hard and they flicked it until it went soft. As I said before, blatant sexual assault is going on in medical institutions all over the place and nothing gets done about it.

The thing is though, if you were in a position where there was a beautiful naked girl and you could take some advantage of her like touching her breasts would you do it? I know it sounds wrong when you say it but in the situation, things that are wrong sometimes make them seem more fun. Like sex in public places or teachers with students. I remember when I was at school and I cringe at some of the teachers I found attractive. I think the attraction was just because they were teachers.

It’s also worse for medical people because they generally work long hours (thus sexually repressed) and have to do things that people would faint or throw up at. Like having to wipe some 80 year old’s ass-crack or amputating a limb.

Now, that doesn’t justify sexual assault, I’m just saying that there should be more care taken to ensure that patients are not placed in such vulnerable situations.

If you know who these nurses are please tell me, I would like to see them :wink: