Is this model suitable for game engine?

I made this model last night, it comprises of the main body mesh, but i have other seperate meshes over it, i.e. a Belt, Jacket, Scabbard for sword, earrings, pouches; that kinda thing, all sperate objects. now what im wondering is if this is ok for the game engine, or for animating in general, should i just parent the objects to the body mesh? Some Direction on where to go concerning this would be greatly appreciated.

Give us a screenshot of your entire screen.
That will help.

does this help?

It does to me, but not to you…
to high plycount.
too detailed…

hm…i see, well is there a way for me to turn all these extra objects into a “texture” then just put it all on the body model?

remodel around it and bake normalmaps.
tuts on internet :smiley:

34532(as shown in the window above) faces is too much for a single character it should be 2-3k max.

I recommend removing the subsurf modifier (if you already applied it you’ve got a bit of an issue- though decimating works better on subsurfed models than 100% hand made ones, I believe)

Depending on the amount of logic in your game, the amount of characters going around, the detail level of the scenery, and the computers it will be running on, ploy counts vary widely- for example, an average unreal 3 character uses about 5,000 polygons (plus normal map) but there are usually not very many characters onscreen at once, and the engine is more efficient than Blender.

I’d recommend sticking to 1,500 for a game with a fair amount of characters, or going up to 3,000 if you won’t have so many. If the game is like tekken, where there’ll only be 2 characters plus some effects and a background, you could go much, much higher than that.

It all comes down to the final framerate of the game, however, if you can afford to put a 6,000 poly character into your game and keep a solid framerate (30 is a good minimum FPS) then go a head.

As others have said that poly count is way too high. You just can’t have detail like that when modeling for real-time. For instance you can’t expect to be able to model every string, pouch and button like you have done. The most important detail will be detail that will effect the silhouette of the character so that is where you’d want to spend the most polys.
Building a low poly proxy for this will be extremely difficult because you have things that will just not bake correctly to a normal map. A lot of your details are modeled in there entirety and sit right on the mesh when for a normal map to bake correctly they need to actually be protruding from the mesh. Generally the workflow is: Build the character efficiently (maybe 2k polys) making it into one mesh, then duplicate it leaving it in the exact same position and move it to a new layer, and then going to town with multires and sculpting detail (or modeling it if you wish) and baking the normal map. If you have a ton of seperate objects you will be baking multiple normal maps and compining the bakings to one image because you will likely need to use just one 2048 or 1024 texture for your entire character. I suggest combining everything to one mesh and making one nice UV map for it.
I know it sounds bad, but this was obviously not modeled with any real-time contraints in mind whatsoever. I’d recomend restarting everything from the ground up after you do a little more studying on modeling for games.

hm, i see, very imformative, so basically if i bake, all these seperate objects, and put them in one single texture and apply them to a low poly version of the base mesh, ill be ok? well that dosnt sound TOO bad…ill definatly work on it thanks