Is this model too ugly?

I am thinking about quitting with this model and starting a new project. This is because I think the model is ugle, too ugle. I’m getting tired of working on it.


Well, it is very UGLY but in a good way, if of course, you want an old wicked vamp-witch.
If you are tired of dealing with it then just save and move on to something new…I, for example, have at least 10 projects on-going at any one time…work on one then select another…helps to keep the ideas fresh, and stop burn-out.

Now then … what is it you want this model to look like and what is the ultimate goal with it?

I want to turn this model into an female Archer character. I don’t think my model would be good enough to pass sketchfab quality control the way it’s going right now. And that is my main goal, is to make models good enough for sketchfab. If I can get a model through their inspection, then I would have reached a milestone.

Yes start new. You need a practice a bit more and thats normal. Your first 10 to 20 model will look not good. You dont want to see mine but you can see a current model in my portfolio here on blenderartist.

Anyway some tips:

  • Dont sculpt with an open mouth its making it way harder
  • get PureRef with a lot of reference for your subject.
  • Learn the proportions of the human body
  • Detail studies like doing only the hands and so.

The human body is in my opinion one of the hardest to do in 3D so dont get encouraged otherwise i would have quit a long time ago.

This perfect for a old hag.

When models become ugly it’s time to bring out the big guns. Take the grab or elastic grab tool and start messing with the proportions. Too much geometry? Decimate, dyntopo or voxel remesh it; the model’s so ugly who cares about losing fine details? Can’t adjust the eyes because they’re separate objects? Temporarily join them to the sculpt mesh.

Rotate around the sculpt mesh and alter the proportions to look less hideous. After a while you will have something that’s passable from viewed from a distance, and then you an re-add all the details you’ve lost in the process.

Btw simply adding hair can sometimes make a big difference.

Really late to the party, but if you’re still looking for advice or guidance on improving bodies I have something. Go to this artstation page: Anatomy for Sculptors. Easily one of the best references I have ever used and it still helps me on my projects. They also have books on anatomy that don’t use medical language so that’s a bonus. Don’t worry, you don’t need to buy their books. I did and it’s a great help, but again, not essential…just very helpful.

Good luck. Keep at it. And you’re going to be your worst critic, no matter how good you get later down the road. :+1: