Is this Monkey really Walking?

is that real? - I was researching for an animation I’m working on. Whoa he’s walking I think.

I’m assuming s/he was trained to or picked it up from observing human behaviour, the monkey doesn’t look that young, so there’s no real reason why it shouldn’t have figured it out. I have no real idea, of course, I’m just making this up. :stuck_out_tongue:

I think they can walk for short periods of time now that I think about it. I’ve just never seen that before. Interesting to see another species than human walking like that and scratching his nose with his hand.:eek:

Are you guys serious? Monkeys, they walks all the time. That’s why they’re called monkeys.
The word “Mon” is jamacan for “Man” and the word “Key” has nothing to do with anything.
So there.
Nuff Said.

Shame on you, calling him a monkey. He’s an Ape.


As I said, I’m just making it up. :wink: I have absolutely no expertise on the subject.

Well I do, I’m an ape-ologist, that means I learns about the apes and wut they do on they’re day’s off, it’s a hard life for apes, workin’ at the factory and what not.
So keep that in mind ape learnin’ n00b!

Interesting indeed - and its definetly not a monkey, its an ape.
Has anyone ever read up on these guys? Very interesting apes, the bonobos. Nice sexlife too :slight_smile:

Has anyone ever read up on these guys? Very interesting apes, the bonobos. Nice sexlife too :slight_smile:

Yes they are very interesting species . It’s interesting that they are a matriarchal and engage in sex for almost every social situation … I learned the funny phrase “penis fencing” with regard to some of the male behavior in some documentary .
Apparently we share a gene with them which influences socialization that we don’t with the chimpanzees …

Apparently, the Bonobos also walk upright, like man, 90% of the time.
I’m not too keen on the penis fencing though, but hey if that’s what they like. The tribadism thing sounds pretty cool. :slight_smile:

Not so sure all Bonobos walk upright 90% of the time. You may be thinking of one particular Chimp called Oliver. There’s a lot of BS on the web about him but some good ‘docufilms’ about him.


Monkey’s from Quebec, Canada if anyone cares.