Is this PC very good for blender

Hi all i just bought a new pc here are the specs
Intel Pentium D 2.8Ghz
Nvidia Geforce 7600 GS

lol i doubt :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes. It should be fine. Some people have issues with ATI cards, so your 7600 should be fine.

I run blender on three machines (AMD Dual Core 2.4 ghz; Intel 2.4 Pentium; Celeron 1.6) I can blender great on all three machines. Of course, it screams on the dual core!

Cheers for that Mate

You just made my day unlike the one before

I think the other person was trying to say ‘no doubt’ as in being a bit sarcastic and sayting the machine will be great.

haha that’s really weird…
the comp. I built back in August:
Pentium D 805 2.66ghz (@ 3.2ghz currently ;))
2 gb DDR2
GeForce 7600GS

My only issues are when playing games, the silent Asus video card gets kind of warm, as well as my motherboard’s northbridge… to the point where I get a lot of artifacting and black screens. Luckily, I went for water cooling on this pc, so cooling the video card became a matter of just buying another waterblock. I’m thinking of getting one for the northbridge too, right now all I’m using is a fan salvaged from an older pc :frowning:

typhoonsg1: indeed i was beinfg sarcastic, i wish i had that engine :stuck_out_tongue: i run blender well on a very sucky computer :wink:

It will work. The Nvidea choise is better than an ATI card.

Why did you buy a Pentium D design? Those are old and have many disadvantages compared to the newly designed chips Intel brought out.

I also have a Pentium D (@ 3GHz) and a 7600GS, and 2GB DDR2, and Blender runs fine. At first I didn’t think it ran so good when I used Fedora Core 4 as a temporary system (slow rendering, primarily) which made me a little afraid, because of the bad things you hear about Intels older design. But it helped alot when I got my Gentoo installed; over 2x performance improvement actually! Even better when I disabled raytracing and turned on threading. There’s still some slowdowns with updating the previews in nodes, and material view. I also feel the performance could be optimized a bit more in Blenders internal renderer, even though it’s not bad.

cekuhnen -> I chose the Pentium D only because of price… I needed a new system fast, but didn’t want to spend much on it (it was in the summer…). I’m very satisfied for what I got, but of course reading about all the new CPU’s and GPU’s make me salivate :smiley:

mh price is relevant,

are the new intel chips that much more expansive?
from what i saw the difference is often less than 100 US dollar.
but over time energy saving will return the price difference.

i have a p3 1.2ghz machine with 256mb of ram and an 8mb videocard and blender works pretty good(i need more ram and a better videocard for sculpt)

These good specs for running blender. I have a GeForce 7300, it runs Blender very smoothly. I can handle over 400,000 polygons in edit mode before things become unbearably slow. Your card should be able to take another 200,000. I reccomend upgrading your processor if you plan to do animation, but if you’re just going to do still shots it’ll do fine. Ram should also be taken into consideration for an animation, but again, you have the right amount for still shots. Overall, this computer should run blender very well.

Back when I had to buy my system, the availability of Intels Core 2 Duo was still a few weeks away, and Pentium D had a big price reduction, making it much cheaper than a comparable AMD X2. The new Intel CPUs are still relatively more expensive today, but I agree it would make sense to spend some more on those, because the new design is very good, and the performance/watt is much better as you say. I’m still satisfied with my system though, as the performance/price was good - just wish the CPU were a little more enviromental friendly…

Also, for the Pentium D generation, we already know what AMD pulled out for competition.
At the time the new Intel line came out, AMD had nothing yet… but following the trend of Intel making something, and AMD stomping it eventually, its sometimes wise to just wait to see what both sides have got before jumping on the new tech. I just went with the tried and tested (and cheap) P-D because I desperately (well, not desperately…) needed a new computer for college.

Thanks all
“lol, i doubt”

sorry i shoudve thought before posting a reply :slight_smile:

I built the system myself on a budget of £400, not to bad :slight_smile: thanks all

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