is this photo-real?

(Dittohead) #1

(valarking) #2

not by a longshot.
not try to sound harsh, but that’s the truth. :smiley:
work on a better lighting setup

(Dittohead) #3

sure, crap materials are kinda sucky.

(stephen2002) #4

need much more work texturing and lighting, and a little bit more work modeling

(ectizen) #5

I like the grip on the handle, even if it does look more like hard plastic than the soft rubber I’d want in a hammer’s handle. Kid’s toy hammer? :wink:

As for the rest of it, I find it looks too organic - places I’d expect to have fairly well defined edges are just way too smooth. Is this s model of a real hammer? I don’t think I’ve even seen a hammer with the head and handle manufactured as a single piece (expect for things like picks).

(sten) #6

the lack of shadows around the handle make the hammer looks
like it is floating in the air…

otherwise it is good atempt of you, but work some more on it !

(djfuego) #7

Looks like a tooth pick or something you get out of a cracker @ Xmas.

(Yamyam) #8

I like it! :slight_smile:

(blengine) #9

i like it too, but seems a lil too organic up at the had of the hammer, and add a scene and better lighting and boom =D

(GSF) #10

I actually, I think that it’s quite good. The shade under the hammer gives it the impression that it’s fake, but, given a good background, it would look good…also, the background wasn’t the focus of your work, but the hammer itself. I find that a lot of photos can be taken which look unrealistic…and if posted on a site, will still be critiqued by people.

I did find that the model for the head of the hammer was different in proportion to the mainstream shape of most hammers-but that would be up to you to change or design.