Is this possible? Caching a render for easier render times?

I’d post this in the render section, but because this also deals with the interface, I found myself in a delimma of figuring out where to post this :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyway, I was talking with a friend of mine who had commented about the bottles I had rendered (which took six hours to do so) and he wondered why Blender didn’t have the ability to ‘cache’ what was already rendered so that when you render it again, provided there are no major differences in the scene minus those you’ve made, it should re-render the bottles very quickly without it taking six hours.

The thing is; I dunno if the memory cache (in blenders preference settings) has anything to do with that, or if it’s just not possible.

Because if this IS possible, it’d make rendering complex scenes a LOT easier.

You can skip existing frames, but the answer is NO for single frames. You could try and render a region, if that is all that changes. Then you could photohop the new region area into the original you already have.

What kind of scene takes 6 hours to render? You should probably start with simply reducing the time it takes initially.

you can shift b in camera mode to render just the selected part

in render button you can press the rt button(default is set to 0), and use simplification to speed up complex scene, then when you’re done with testing…just go back to 0 to render in high resolution and high quality

or…you can use the buttons: 75%,25% or 50% to render a small image/video etc

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Thanks :slight_smile:

What took six hour’s was a scene such as this:

Which had AO set on; that’s why I was wondering if there was possibly a cacheing option

There’s no reason a scene like that should take so long to render … what kind of hardware are you using?

The slowness is coming from all of the raytracing (AO, reflection/refraction, shadows, maybe SSS on the liquids?). If you can do without, or fake, any of those things, that will cut render times … otherwise lower some quality settings.

Did you try Approximate AO? Note that neither AO option will help the liquids much, as it doesn’t take material transparency into account.

The answer is yes for single frames. Enable No Overwrite.