Is this possible in Blender?

This is a script used in 3dsmax. I am wondering if this is possible in Blender. Any addon or script for this in Blender.

What is it that you want achieve? By looking at the video it looks like a really slow and awkward way of splitting the mesh. I maybe is missing something?

This enables u to place an edge at a specific distance from another edge. U can enter a vaule and the edge is created at that distance.
I found something close:

Ok, I understand.
Is it possible to duplicate an edge and then move it by writing the value? (Just thinking out load, can’t test right now)

Yes. U create the edge first. Then u resize it with the addon. I prefer the 3dsmax script process. U select the edge u want to copy and then specify the distance the new edge will be from the selected edge.

you can by doing a edge select and edge snapping move it close to another edge and then use G X distance along a certain axis

may be not like other soft but possible

happy bl

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