Is this possible or am I being stupid?

Is it possible to have a pop up window, that displays text which is scrollable, that isnt using the dynamic text input, which can be read in from an external file, and have multiple instances i.e. four different windows for four different pieces of information.

I have been trying for hours to get some of this to work and cannot find a thing to help.

It is with a view to building a gallery-like environment which a user can interact in and view stories, so the pop ups are in-game obviously, as I have had tutorials for out of game boxes which is no use.

I remember some old demos with such material, probably outdated!
I guess that its possible ( good python knowledge required?), but hard to achieve!

It certainly sounds like what you want to do is possible. What approaches have you tried so far?

So far I have tried using different Python scripts to create windows, but the only ones I have managed to do were ones that popped up outside of the game, such as when it ends.

I have also tried the basic Add Text function but for the volume of text I need it is not enough.