Is this Possible? Please share your insights.

Is this possible:

  • Two variables come from a web app
  • Blender is running
  • A python script/ui is running and reads the variables from the web
    • Either Python in Blender, or a helper App (mac or windows) is running to
      go to web / report back
  • Blender has a Graphic Representation that is updated to reflect the changes of the two variables
  • The Blender Graphics (animation / models) present on a 1920x1080 screen, with alpha everywhere the animation is not
  • The animation is used as an overlay for broadcast

I’d like to do this in Blender.
Would this use Game Engine, Blender Player so it can run and update the graphics live?

I’d like to avoid having to use Apple Motion, or Adobe After Effects, or an Autodesk product.

Please report your thoughts and share your insights on the possible work flow.

Thank you,