Is this possible, scaling the width, height & angle of a diagram via html5 & blender?

Hey there I have a upcoming project where the client would like to have a diagram of a river where it’s width, height and angle can be adjusted by the end user on a html5 website.

Here’s an example of what I mean changing the angle, ie it makes the river have a steeper incline, thus the rate of water flows faster.

Would I use Blender’s game engine for this?

Thanks in advance.


You can use Blender to make animations. You can use the BGE to make interactive presentations.

It will not be html5 in any way. I think Blender is not the right tool for that.

Hmm cause I found this one…


you can do that. But it’s not blender only and requires some work. I haven’t come so far by myself so I can only point out the rough direction:

  1. Make your models in Blender. This would be your river and some surrounding if you need
  2. Export / Convert your model to .obj file or other format three.js can load.
  3. Start a three.js project which imports your model and displays it. There are examples on the three.js website which you can use to start with:
  4. Add your html controls and use javascript to alter your model acrodingly. If you just want to turn some “block” you can get away with moving the camera.

Beware: webgl is still not available on any browser. So I would test the examples on with your target browsers to see if they work.

Ok thanks for that Scheintod