Is this possible to do in blender (multiplayer)

Hello all :slight_smile: I’ll like to apologize because i have no idea how long this post will be lol.

First off some back story, I’m not too familiar with 2.63 or anything and I have zero skill when it comes to programming so don’t expect any amazing python scripts :stuck_out_tongue: Ive been trying to work on a simple customizable character system and multiplayer for a test RPG, but i ran into snags on both, but i think i might of came up with a solution for the custom character while writing this lol.

I was playing with LibLoad today and it seems like when you load in a scene it automatically stacks with your current so my question is lets say i made multiple blend files of lets say cities, dungeons, forests, ect. and i made a script where the player collides with portals or something he moves to a new area and used LibLoad and LibFree to change the scene would that work alright?

If the above is a good solution, i got some questions for networking, i was thinking that id have the client send the server its area property which would tell the script what blend file to load and then have the server compare the area property of clients and whoever has equal values have the server send the required info to the clients to display things like location,health, level, name, ect. would this be a good way to do things?

Thanks for your time if you read this, sorry its a little long and if these are dumb questions or they aren’t possible to do, i was just thinking about this in my head, I’m not positive anything i said it do able :stuck_out_tongue: cya guys and thanks again :smiley:

Why you need a portal when you can dynamically expand your scene?
A portal usually means you want to replace the scene with another one. You still can do that. Just do not forget to remove the objects you do not need.

You will need a save/load system anyway. There is no problem to use that with a network connection (to transfer stored data via network rather than writing it to file).

Thanks Monster :smiley: i get what you’re saying about the portal, i just figured it would be easier on my comp and stuff amd yea, once i use a portal i plan to use LibFree to remove that scene and if i remember right once i free the blend file all objects related to it should disappear correct? Thanks again, have a nice day :slight_smile: