Is this possible to do in blender?

I was watching this video on how “The Peanuts Movie” was made. I wanted to know how they animated the mouths. This was probably made in a different software, but is it possible to for this in blender?
P.S. Sorry for the very crappy quality, I don’t really know how to download a YouTube video. This was screen recorded.

I’m sure its probably possible to do that in blender. Shape keys is a good way to start… maybe with drivers that change the mouth textures connected by a mixRGB node and some careful rigging. You could get pretty close.

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Thanks, I will experiment and see what I can do.

The mouth is a tricky setup which not nessessary possible with standard tools. You’ll need at the very least a script or Geometry Nodes-based system to flatten a “base head” shape based on its UV coordinates. Then, you could stick the “flat mouth” topology to it with Surface Deform modifier and wrap it back to 3d shape using shape key. The main head shape alterations can be done using Lattices which are rigged with Armatures themselves


I got the demonstration of mesh flattening setup. Used MeshDeform + Solidify on shape object since SurfaceDeform refused to work. No idea how they made inner mouth. Perhaps just the mesh backsides + clever camera angles

The scene contains required Geonodes as well
cartoon mouth setup.blend (4.5 MB)