Is this possible?

I’m wanting to know if it’s possible to create a character like the drawing, and have her see through mostly with slight blue hue and then a sort of echo of her bodies path like a ghost. Is this possible to do in blender and if so is there any examples that you guys can send me or tips?

Any help or tips on this would be greatly appreciated.

fresnel, bit of refraction, a splash of noise texture, and a smoke sim maybe

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You also might be able to do this using some creative compositing-nodes. For instance, the “surface normal” of a surface represents the angle of the face of that surface (as well as its “front side”). You could maybe use that – through a “ramp” node to let you tailor it – to control the emission of a particular color of light. This would give you many of the “outline” details that you see at various parts of the figure … it does not appear that the figure is “solid” at all.

Other details such as those found on the torso might be handled through a texture that is applied to the surface, and heavily filtered.

Compositing nodes allow you to separate the many different digital outputs that the render-engine produces, as well as the so-called “combined” output which is what you normally see. You can string together a set of nodes that do not use the combined-output at all.

I know that nodes now appear in very many places in Blender, including both materials and textures. In fact, it’s reached the point where some folks now speak of: “everything nodes.” They are an extremely powerful and therefore very important aspect of the Blender system. You need to spend a lot of time familiarizing yourself with them, everywhere they are now used. It is essentially a form of “visual computer programming,” which lets you fully take advantage of the fact that you are using a computer.

For the figure as you showed…You would still need a texture for the Veins inside the body…and for it to look as shown…use the same shader but build up the veins with curves or use the grease pencil, so the veins are inside the figure…