Is this possible

(Skanime) #1

In blender a character has a gun. When you fire the gun, a particle is expelled from a point at the tip of the gun. When the particle collides with the collision sphere of another object. That object takes so much damage, depending on the gun used. Could that work?

(saluk) #2

Yep, this is the most tried and true method to accomplish this. Check the walkway crash thread for another method.

(Pooba) #3

Maybe next time try something before asking if possible.


(Skanime) #4

It not really possible because I’m not that skilled with blender and python.

(Pooba) #5

well, the best way to learn is to just fiddle around and mess with acuators, most of them are pretty self-explanitory. That’s how i learned! adn when i ran into a problem that I tried and tried to get and i couldn’t, i posted.