Is this possible?

I want to append a sound actuator from one object to another. Is this possible? If you want to know why I would want to do this, read this post:

Anyway, if it isn’t possible to append an actuator, then is it possible to merge 2 objects, while still retaining both objects’ logic blocks?

I know it isn’t possible to merge empties, but that’s why I’m asking if it’s possible to append actuators.

I don’t think it is

you’d have to copy the logicbricks, you can’t add the logicbricks from one object to another

I don’t think you can append logic bricks either (not that I have ever come across but if there is a way I would love to use it). When you use the copy “Logic Bricks” in the copy attributes box it replaces the logic bricks you have on one object with the ones you have on the other. They end up having the same ones depending on which you selected 1st before copying.

Also I don’t know of any way to just get 1 logic brick copied (I was assuming you had more than 1 and just wanted 1 of them?)