Is this possible?

(scismondo) #1

Hi all,

I’m working on one of these big mural clocks… They often have some carving, like this:

I thought I could use the picture to apply a deformation to a plane but Idon’t find the good way to do that. I’ve tried to apply a texture using only NOR but the result is too approximative…

Is there and other solution? Any idea would be appreciated…



(BeBraw) #2

Try out displacement mapping.

More info:

(scismondo) #3

This looks interesting. Thanks.

(vliegtuig) #4

Check out this thread.

(SoylentGreen) #5

You would need a high resolution black and white version of that image, than you could use displacement mapping.

(Coalth) #6

be careful though, for disp mapping to look even relatively good, youre gonna need to subdivide like a million times.

god i wish blender internal could do micro-displacement