is this possible?

could i potentialy rip a car offa a ps2 game and tweek it with blender tosave modeling time? if so i would likta no how thanx…

well physically it should be possible

all you’d need to do is find all the decoders, decrypted and file importer/exporters as i am sure that the ps2 uses some system that inst understood by anything else except some sorta home brew app.

this has been done with the xbox and the xbox 360 but a ps2/3 is a whole different story

so basiccaly it be to hard for a “blendertarded” person such as me?

ps2 games have been hacked into and stuff, and get the files, but to find the exact file, find out how to decrypt the file, and how to decode the specific data format could be hard, since a lot of the times companies will use their own format or a modified version of something else or just pack a bunch of files together. So in a way it depends on the game and the developer, search it on google, look for mod communities for the specific game.

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need for speed underground 2…oooooowhat a bout carbon demo i got for my comp??? easier maybe???

and you would be stealing. Your license to the game, which you obtained when you purchased the game, does not give you the right (and probably specifically says you do NOT have the right) to decode, decrypt, etc its contents.

o yeah dang nevrmind

Having said that, and hereby denying any attempt to corrupt or contribute to the delinquency of a minor, let me say that you get your digital camera and set it up in front of your screen. put the car in side view and snap a reference pic. Put the car in head-on or tail-on view and snap another. Using these reference pics, box-model the car. Using the images of the body AS A REFERENCE, texture paint the car.

im 19 lazy and just got a computer yesterday so im not an expert at this.

and i wasnt thinking about the licencingand backwards engineering laws at stake so thanks for sayin sommat b4 i did anything.

Also, it’d be plagiarism.

EDIT: Well, an entire conversation erupted in the second it took me to post this.

What Wickes said. :stuck_out_tongue: