Is this possible?

Hello everyone, I am new to this forum and this is my first post.

I have been using Blender to model for some time and have just completed my first animation using it. I have a good understanding of modeling, using armatures, animating, using materials, physics such as soft bodies, cloth, and liquid, as well as rendering. So basically I am pretty good.

However, there are still a few things I don’t understand, among those the largest one would be the game making concept of Blender. I have absolutely no understanding of any systems in making games, and will begin as of now following tutorials to learn how to make games with blender; however I have a few questions about it and its components.

In point form, I would like to know if Blender’s game making capabilities has the ability to do the following without need for too much programming:

Play a short animation (opening titles)
Have a menu with Music (it must have sound right?)
Have a stat modifier (such as in RPGs choosing your stats at the start)
Draw a healthbar/manabar/staminabar/timebar and the likes.
Restrict 3D characters to the X and Y axis (a la street fighter)
Animate 3D characters while they are moving. (With armatures maybe?)
Have said 3D characters deliver punches and kicks that damage.
Have a certain animation play at certain points. (Death, special power)
Generate Particles. (Blood?)
Store 3D models to be used later. (Saving characters to game)
Campaign or Story type sequence of events.
AoE attacks. (Explosions have some splash damage)
Prevent player from moving character for some time (stunned)
Cause animations to run quicker depending on speed stat.
Restrict movement in certain areas. (Invisible walls, arena limits)
Stat modifiers (such as take half damage for 30s)
Creating powers to be used by any character.
Creating restrictions to abilities used. (Not enough mana for spell)
Equipment. (Modifies stats based on what was purchased and equipped.)
Character Creation. (Absolutely unnecessary, modify head, chest, legs…)
Character can draw and begin to use sword/s. (As if doing normal attacks)
Collision boxes (for special attacks, punches, kicks, explosions)
Destructible Objects. (Unnecessary, but cool) As well as the basic 3D fighting controls, jumping, running, walking, punching and the likes.

I have a basic understanding of programming, none in python, but some small amounts of codeing would be fine. So, is this possible with minimal codeing, if, and quite probably, only a few of them are possible without codeing which ones would that be?
(Also I apologise for the infinit ammount of s

First off, I recommend going back in and getting rid of all that formatting, it was pretty hard to read the post with half the text being tags. (I recommend hitting preview before making posts, so you can see if anything went wrong and do a last proofread)

I didn’t see anything on that list that would be impossible in Blender, though a fair bit of it would need python to do it with any degree of quality, and some stuff like particles and save systems are not inherently built into blender, but can be made via python.

If you didn’t previously have any intention of learning Python, I highly recommend learning it if you intend to use the BGE for any length of time. It’s a very simple language to learn, and trying to work with logic bricks only is extremely limiting and pretty messy.

All of that is possible, you just have to analyze everything that you think about, think about each one. Each object that you make can create other objects, and any object that collides with another object can change “properties” also known as “variables”. for the blood that is simple, when an object" some one’s face" is contacted by another object “bullet”, then you can have that persons face create object “blood splatter”, or several of them, while lowering the person’s face health by 90 points, or 0, and have the head parented to the blood splatter so it looks like it is violently being ripped off, ect… There is no limit to what you could do, for instance if some one is hit with a bullet the person can emit exploding cats or anything that you want, lol…

To go along with what Chriswin2010 said, make sure to think about many different approaches to solving a problem. Sometimes the best solution is to fake it.

My apologies again for not removing the tags.

Thank you everyone for the speedy replies, I wanted to make sure I wasn’t going to jump into a project I wouldn’t be able to accomplish, so thanks again for your help.